How to Use a Jump- Starter in case your Battery Dies


Before continuing with the article, it must be mentioned that using a jump-starter for a car can be quite risky. Sometimes it might seem like the only way, but then it might turn around and be the cause of your being stranded. Thus, it is important to have prior knowledge not only about jump-starting a car, but also when is it that calls for the requirement of jump-starting a car.

First let us start with the information as to when a car should be effectively jump started. In case, your car has stopped dead on the road, do not jump start it right away. Make sure to check the following points first:

  • We make sure that it isn’t the battery which is creating the problem by switching on the headlight and checking its brightness. In case the battery is bright, jump starting will be completely useless.
  • Check if the problem is with the ignition switch by putting the key in it and checking for the dashboards to light up.
  • Then turn on the ignition to check the cranking up of the car. If the cranking is at full speed, once again, jump-starting will be useless.
  • Check the battery for any cracks, leaks or damages in which case, the battery needs to be replaced and not jump-started.

Now that we have the established the other possible cause of the car, we can safely guide you as to how to safely jump start a car.

  • First, both the cars need to be parked at a neutral distance making sure that no part of the cars are touching each other in any way whatsoever.
  • Then, connect the red positive lead to the positive terminal of the other battery and connect the black negative lead to the negative terminal of the working battery.
  • Make sure that the leads are away from the moving parts and then start the engine of the car with the working battery.
  • Wait for some time and then start the car with the dead battery. If it does not start, give it some time and then start again. Make sure to switch off the engine if the lead gets hot.
  • Once the car starts running, leave both engines on to recharge the battery.
  • Remove the jump leads in a reverse way than you attached them and make sure to keep them away from contact with any metal surfaces.

Now that a full and detailed jump starting description has been given, we’d like to end with some precautions:

  • Remove loose clothing. It has a risk of catching fire.
  • Keep metal objects away from the batteries since any sparks caused in the process could prove to be very dangerous.
  • DO make sure to avoid flames or smokes.
  • Make sure all equipments of the car are off and the key has been removed from the ignition.
  • Some cars have negative jump-starting poles. One should be informed about that and in that situation, attach the other end of the jump starter to a metal for earthing- away from the dead battery.